Local, Sustainable, Handmade

Part of our dream for Fox Haven is to really focus on sustainable, local farming and handmade products. 


The Farm Stand will feature not just what is available at our physical stand, but also allow you to advance order goods for pickup or have non-perishable items shipped to you directly. Please email us with questions or to place an order!

Fresh Eggs

Beeswax Candles

The best eggs come from free range, much loved hens!   Our girls are allowed to free range during the day and are kept safe in their coop at night.  We keep a variety of breeds, all which lay different color eggs!  Colors range from dark chocolate brown, to olive green, to blue, and colors in between.  Each dozen is sure to delight and will have a variety of colors.  


$4/dozen, local pickup only unless delivery is pre-arranged.

Eggs ARE orderable if you are looking for a regular delivery/pickup!  Contact us to be put on a weekly or bi-weekly order. 

Local beeswax from Connecticut apiaries in Franklin and Sterling, these candles are hand-poured into quilted glass jars and decorated with jute and hemp ribbon.  Hand-braided square wicks, they burn without smoke and have a soft honey scent.  These candles do require occasional draining to keep the flame bright.  Available in 4 oz, 8 oz, and 12 oz sizes.


4 oz (small): $5

8 oz (medium): $10

12 oz (large) $15


Shipping and gift wrap are available.  



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